The right question


question mark in sand

In my Judaism class yesterday, our discussion addressed whether there is meaning behind our actions, rituals, and prayers, or whether they are simply done for the sake of doing them.

This is such an important inquiry. Where is the meaning?  We can apply it to all of our daily actions, be they sacred and religious or mundane.

But I am also aware that HOW we frame our questions and statements has a direct impact on the quality of our answers and the meaning we give  our lives.

Option one: Does this prayer matter?

Option two: How does this prayer resonate for me?

Option one:  Is this ritual  meaningful?

Option two: In what way can I make this ritual meaningful and relevant in my life?

You may notice that option one is more black and white.  Option two offers more freedom, more empowerment.  A potential to step away from your original notion or possible stagnation, to a realm of possibility and growth.

We can also take statements or declarations of which we have been SURE, and flip them into powerful questions.

Option 1: I am too (________) to do (                 ).

Option 2:  Where can I feel my courage? What do I need in order to ___________? Who can I ask for support?

Feel the difference? One is constriction, Mizrayim/Egypt/narrow.  The other is expansive, creative and liberating.

It is fascinating to me!  Just start noticing your questions or statements, and re-frame them to into even better questions.  You will absolutely get more interesting answers and powerful results.

Namaste and l’shalom,




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